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Marco Thiel
Marco Thiel
University of Aberdeen - Dept. of Physics/Mathematics
LOCATION: Aberdeen (UK)
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Current Research: Mathematical Modelling; Data/Image Analysis; Dynamical Systems Theory; Recurrences; Hypothesis Testing; Surrogates; Network Theory; Emergent Properties; Synchronisation; Gene Expression; Bacterial Responses to Multiple Stresses; Computational Neuroscience; Finance.

I am an applied mathematician with training in theoretical physics and dynamical systems, which many people might know because of a subarea which is called Chaos Theory. I am a full professor of applied mathematics and physics at the University of Aberdeen (UK). Apart from some more theoretical work in mathematics, my main area of work is mathematical modelling: a kind of hired gun for other scientists in applied areas of research, which need some mathematical modelling for their projects. This means that I try to use mathematical structures and patterns to describe a huge variety of systems. This is actually a lot of fun, because you get to learn about all sorts of problems. Some of the applications I have worked on so far are Alzheimer's Disease, Epilepsy, traffic modelling, studying the stability of our solar system, modelling the life cycle of a biological cell, population dynamics, synchronisation of heartbeats of mother and foetus, financial and forensic mathematics, voting patterns, movement of newborns, climate modelling, and patterns in the mating behaviour of fireflies. Very much of my work involves the analysis of data - I like informing and testing my models with real data.

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