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Wolfram widget asks for Adobe flash player?

Posted 1 year ago
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So I wanted to make a Wolfram widget, but it told me I needed flash and flash is no longer supported in 2021. How do I make a Wolfram widget with no flash?

enter image description here

9 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

It looks like Widgets have been in "beta" mode for a while.

It is interesting that the widgets themselves do not require Flash.

It looks like, at least for now, to create new widgets you will need Doctor Strange's Infinity Stone?

POSTED BY: Mike Besso
Posted 1 year ago

Is there no way around this? I want to build widgets really badly, but I'm facing the same problem.

POSTED BY: fu wen tay
Posted 1 year ago

Would the Wolfram developers patch this? Because the widget builder is an amazing tool that would help build widgets which use mathematical simulations.

POSTED BY: fu wen tay
Posted 3 months ago

I have same problem. Can someone help me?

POSTED BY: Manuel Bravi
Posted 3 months ago

I don't think they are supporting this feature anymore.

POSTED BY: fu wen tay
Posted 19 days ago

Sorry about the necropost but this is still an issue that is going on. It's been over a year and I feel this should be dealt with, so I am trying to bump this up.

POSTED BY: Wyatt Johnson
Posted 18 days ago

Bumping this as well. The Wolfram widget maker has so much value and I hope that it's something that can be used again. Wolfram devs could you look into this? I would greatly appreciate it.

POSTED BY: fu wen tay
Posted 5 days ago

I want to make widgets so bad! Please, bring it back!

POSTED BY: Chad Walker

We’re aware of this issue and are evaluating available options and benefits to continuing widgets.
In the meantime, please consider using the Wolfram Language:

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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