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No output from Solve[ ]?

Posted 6 months ago
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Could someone please look at this and tell me what's wrong? It's probably a simple mistake. I think this system of equations should return {{pd -> -3}, {pd -> 10}}. At least, that's what I get when I use a pencil and paper. But my input below doesn't return anything. Not even an error message.

The solution set is more complicated than that:

Reduce[(js + ps) 6 == w && js (pd + 5) == w && ps pd == w, 
  Reals] // LogicalExpand

I don't know the exact reason why Solve gives an empty set in that special case, but with slight changes in syntax we get meaningful answers:

eqs = (js + ps) 6 == w && js (pd + 5) == w && ps pd == w;
Solve[eqs, Reals]
Solve[eqs, {pd, w, ps, js}, Reals]
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