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The most fun-filled W|A Easter eggs?

Posted 12 years ago
Wolfram|Alpha's "Easter eggs" are intended to delight users and appear in many online round-ups of favorite W|A queries.  I'm a huge fan of the Simpsons and love that W|A has a couple of Simpsons-related Easter eggs.  This is one of my favorites.  Everyone knows about woodchucks, "42" and unladen swallows - but what's your favorite lesser known W|A Easter egg?  What do you wish you could find but can't?
11 Replies
I don't know if it is fun-filled, but it is the only one that I have found myself:
Does God exist?
POSTED BY: Jason Ebaugh
Posted 11 years ago
"How do I win the lottery?"
POSTED BY: Gaston Franco
You ask what things I wish I could find:
As a teenager, I wish i could find reffrences to memes.  I know it sounds quite silly, but I think they becoming a large part of the technological culture, and I think that as I search something like Nyan Cat that it should return at least a passing reffrence to the video, and not search for "cat" instead.  This also goes for things like: "LAZORS", or "double rainbow", or perhaps even something like the "Rules of the Internet".
But hey, maybe I'm just a crazy teenager, but I sure hope not!
POSTED BY: Sevy Ride
Posted 11 years ago
Posted 11 years ago
Posted 11 years ago
How do I get to Carnegie Hall?
POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
I like some of the more subtle ones.  Like: 88 mph
POSTED BY: Brad Janes
Nice one Brad, 88 mph is a great example emoticon
POSTED BY: Daniel Bigham
I lost my imagination years ago in a freak accident, so I like to keep it simple.
POSTED BY: Richard Clark
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