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I am attempting to compile separate graphics into one graphic using the "Row" command. I am making a graphic of a standard chemical reaction as it is written on paper. I am having a problem when I compile the pictures together:  the arrow and text jumble up because the window is too narrow for it all to show in its appropriate Scaled form.  

If you refer to the pictures I attached to this post:
As you can see in Exhibit A the arrow and text are jumbled
In Exhibit B you can see upon widing the graphic window for the arrow and text it looks more like what I want it to look like (My goal)

In short:  How can I widen the window output of each image?  I tried to do so using "PlotRange" command for text, but it doesn't seem to allow the "PlotRange" command.  What do I do experts???   

OR is there a better way to do this?  Please help!  Any help would be amazing!  
POSTED BY: Joseph High
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Hi, It would help if you posted your code in MCode areas in yoru posting (the little Mathematica icon in the formatting tools).  That way it is easier to cut and past the code into Mathematica to experiment in helping you.  Also, what is the code for image1?  If image1 is not a Graphics object (and simply is a textual form) then I suggest that you create it as a Graphics object) and combine it all with GraphicsRow.

So I would start by suggesting that you use GraphicsRow rather than Row as in this example:

GraphicsRow[{ChemicalData["OxaloaceticAcid"], Graphics[{Text["Hi there!"]}], ChemicalData["CitricAcid"]}]

Also if you want to control the differing sizes of the components of the GraphicsRow you can use Show on each element with the appropriate Options specified.  And you can use GraphicsRow with it's Options set for the global form.
Show[ChemicalData["OxaloaceticAcid"], ImageSize -> 200], 
  Graphics[{Text[Style["Hi there!", 14]]}], 
  Show[ChemicalData["CitricAcid"], ImageSize -> 250]}, 
Background -> LightBlue]
  Show[ChemicalData["CitricAcid"], ImageSize -> 250]},
Background -> LightBlue]

I hope this helps....
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 11 years ago
  Graphics[{Text[Style["+AcetylCoA", 14], {-90, -0.75}],
    Arrowheads[Medium], Arrow[{{-50, 0}, {50, 0}}],
    Text[Style["Citrate Synthase", 14], {0.30, -10}]}],
POSTED BY: Girish Arabale
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