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Community Posts Not Updating?

Posted 8 months ago
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Is it just me, or are community posts not being updated?

I recently received email notification that some posts I follow had been updated, but I don't see the updates. For example, I don't see this post (or various others I have been notified of, in the same thread):

enter image description here

I have obviously checked for cache-ing issues, using different browsers on different machines.

2 Replies

Hi Jonathan,
If you reply to a specific comment, your reply will get directly under that comment. The comments in Wolfram Community are hierarchical, so if you are always looking for new comments at the end of your thread, then you may not find some of them, and that is actually the case with the comment you showed here, you can find it in the 6th position from the top.

Hope this answers your question.

Also at the top of comments section you can find the option to change the order of the comments between Replies, Likes, or Recent

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