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Recreating Gannt charts in a demonstration?

Posted 1 month ago
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Is anyone able to help me with the starting codes required to recreate this exact Gantt Chart?

I can access the notebook file for this but it does not allow me to evaluate the code. Unsure if I need to input a package or something to be able to generate the same chart.

Or can anyone assist me in contacting the author of this document? Anthony. I. Joseph

Sidenote: My Mathematica is now not allowing me to evaluate ANY cells AND it will not allow me to create a plain text cell by clicking on the plus sign.

I have attached the notebook in question.

9 Replies
Posted 1 month ago

Download the demonstration notebook (click on the Source button and select Download to Desktop), open it in Mathematica, from the Evaluation menu select Evaluate Notebook, and then you should be able to interact with the Manipulate controls.

Take a look at this MSE post for other ways to create a Gannt chart.

Tried to evaluate the notebook and this appeared (see attached image)enter image description here

Interested in the one in the demonstration as it links Gantt charts, critical paths and networks!

Posted 1 month ago

Please edit your original question and attach the notebook.

I've now done this. It seems to be evaluating the notebook on this site. But not in MY notebook file on my computer...

Posted 1 month ago

Please attach the notebook as a file attachment, not embedded. Click on the "Add a file to this post" button. at the bottom of the form.

Sorry, how's this?

Posted 1 month ago

Perfect. However, I am unable to reproduce the problem on V12.3, Evaluate Notebook works fine. Noticed you are running V12.0, which I also have installed ao I tried it and again, no problems.

In another post you mentioned that you are unable to evaluate cells or inset text cells. Perhaps there are issues with your installation of Mathematica. You should resolve that issue first. Try uninstall / reinstall / activate.

I've tried restarting my computer and uninstalling Mathematica. the Uninstall fails and will not allow me to uninstall...

Have figured it out. It was an issue with the kernel selection. I've fixed it now and the Gantt chart file works huzzah! Thankyou for troubleshooting with me Rohit

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