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Cubic root in Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 1 month ago
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Could someone please explain why cube root(-343) doesn't equal (-343)^(1/3) on both Wolfram Alpha and my HP-48 calculator.

cube root(-343)= -7, yet (-343)^(1/3)= 3.5 +6.062177... i


4 Replies

Look for where it says "Assuming the principal root | Use the real‐valued root instead." enter image description here That link will give you enter image description here

I don't even know the maths of roots other than the square root, so I can't even tell for sure what I want to expect as result. All I need to know is that in Mathematica you can enter/handle the radical expression either with Ctrl+[2][5], with Power[], with Surd[], or with CubeRoot[].

So Raspi, do you have any specific questions on how to use other roots in Mathematica?

Hi @Marvin , I don't have questions regarding such roots in Mathematica. But maybe the thread starter @Liam has some?

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