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Dynamic portraits w/ quasicrystal, waves interference and half-toning

Posted 1 month ago
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MODERATORS' NOTE: This post is based on the tumblr blog found here.

enter image description here

6 Replies

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Thank you Sumit for sharing your code. I created this cool image using it

enter image description here

Wow, I do catch 5-fold symmetry there. My bachelor thesis was on quasicrystals :-) This is one of my favorite works of yours. Minimalistic but so expressive. It's also great that any image can serve as the source and people can easily experiment. Thank you :-)

Wow, it's great to see you here! I'd come across and loved the work on archery/intothecontinuum for years.

I applied your filter to Wolfie! This is really cool, thanks for sharing!

Dynamic Portrait of Wolfie

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