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Drawing lines and other geometrical shapes on a trading or financial chart?

Posted 4 months ago
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I believe this to be a straightforward question to which I have not found an answer. I am interested in drawing my own graphics on top of a TradingChart or InteractiveTradingChart. Most importantly, I would like to draw my own lines or functions onto the aforementioned charts. Yes, I have read the documentation on ChartElementFunction, on FinancialIndicator(s) and cannot see if it is even possible to simply draw a line on a TradingChart or InteractiveTradingChart. For instance, I have a designed and implemented a program that can locate all the possible Elliott Waves in a stock movement (Intraday, daily, weekly, monthly or any other scale you care to look at). From those waves, I can detect patterns such as Bat, Butterfly, Retracement, etc... from the Harmonic Trader book by Scott Carney. I have read about the Line[] function, but it draws on its own chart. I wish there were a function that would take the endpoints of the line as well as the Chart as arguments to draw on the chart. I would like to display the patterns I find on the appropriate stock chart to check the correctness of the algorithms as well as display alerts and setup events like "Buy", "Sell" or "Hold". Does anyone know of any function that can draw a Line on an already existing chart? Even better would be being able to draw geometrical shapes, but I will be happy with just drawing lines.

3 Replies
Posted 4 months ago

You can try using Epilog as described here.

Thank you Rohit. I will take a look at it. At first sight it looks promising.

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