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How to graph a series of complex exponential Fourier?

Posted 1 month ago
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I am new to Wolfram, I have a problem, I need to graph this Fourier series in exponential form, but my variable k is in the denominator, this gives me an error, and as it seems it is because at some point my variable k takes a value of zero, creating an indeterminacy. Could you help me solve this problem please, I THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Posted 1 month ago

The range specification for Plot cannot specify a step size. Plot uses adaptive sampling to determine the points to be plotted.

Plot[{t^2, f[t, 20]}, {t, 1, -3}]

enter image description here

Manipulate[Plot[ {t^2, f[t, m]}, {t, -3, 3}], {m, 1, 10}] 

enter image description here

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