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Problem with NDSolve: data could not be stored in the notebook

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello everybody I was solving an exercise that its solution was the solution of a system of differential equations but when executing the command in mathematics this takes a long time and then the message appears that the data could not be stored in the notebook

Could someone help me with this little problem please?

k1 = 55.20;
k2 = 30.20;
NDSolveValue[{Ch'[\[Tau]] + k1*(Ch[\[Tau]])^0.5*Cm[\[Tau]] + 
    k2*Cx[\[Tau]]*(Ch[\[Tau]])^0.5 == 0, 
  Cm'[\[Tau]] + k1*Cm[\[Tau]]*(Ch[\[Tau]])^0.5 == 0, 
  Cx'[\[Tau]] - k1 + Cm[\[Tau]]*(Ch[\[Tau]])^0.5 + 
    k2*Cx[\[Tau]]*(Ch[\[Tau]])^0.5 == 0, Ch[0] == 0.021, 
  Cm[0] == 0.0105, Cx[0] == 0}, {Ch, Cm, Cx}, {\[Tau], 0, 0.5}]
POSTED BY: Rodrgio Kraemer
Posted 1 year ago

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From one of the comments on that post it looks like you have a typo and fixing that gets you a quick solution.

POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
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