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Rethink Google Code Jam none-commercial veto due to R-Pi free distribution?

Posted 11 years ago
Google's Code Jam Qualification Round for 2014 is planned on 11 April. In the link below they specify that programming in any programming languages is accepted as long as there is a free version. So they say , Maple and Mathematica are excluded but they accept MATLAB, because of open-source versions like Octave!

Now with the Raspberry Pi free version (Wolfram Language) I think they should rethink that. I assume they can afford buying a full Mathematica Version to test all the sent code, right? (it is Google guys come on) Just a thought - it is petty to leave out one of the best programming languages. I would appreciate any feedback concerning future plans for this matter.
POSTED BY: Theodore Chronis
There is an open source implementation of the core language:  (and there are a number of other less complete attempts) It is not complete though, and much of what makes Mathematica so useful is not the language itself, but various specialized functions that other languages would probably contain in libraries (e.g. image processing, to name one area).  The vast majority of these is missing in Mathics, so it would probably not be so useful for competing in a code jam.   I guess they don't accept MATLAB code that doesn't run in Octave either.
POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
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