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how to write this formula in wolfram alpha

Posted 11 years ago
hi, can anyone help me writing this in wolframalpha? 

Many thanks
POSTED BY: idkfa idkfa
2 Replies
I assume that you want to subtract the value at -1 from the value at 1. 

Well, the function is an even function so the answer is zero.

This looks like you actually are doing a calculus problem to integrate this function from -1 to 1:
x/3 + (x^3)/2
 And, again, since you are integrating an odd function you will immediately answer that the result is zero.  

But if you want to use Wolfram|Alpha (rather than thinking the problem through first!) the instruction might be
integrate x/3 + (x^3)/2 from  -1 to 1
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 11 years ago
thank you David Reiss emoticon
POSTED BY: idkfa idkfa
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