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[WSS21] Expression difference

Posted 2 months ago
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7 Replies

Might this be put in the Function Repository? I understand it is imperfect, but that could be flagged just as you have in this exposition.

Sure, Sir. I would but I have no idea what's procedure for that.

Posted 2 months ago

Hi Aman,

Nice work! Navigate to the Wolfram Function Repository and click on "Submit a New Function" at the top right. It will download a notebook that has a template for Function Repository submissions.

If you'd like any guidance, let me know. Although I am not at Jan Mangaldan level, I've done a bunch of these. There's a very useful "Check" button at the top of the template notebook that will make sure you comply with the style guidelines. I also find that deploying a draft notebook to the Wolfram Cloud and then playing with it for a few days before submitting both spots bugs and gives you some ideas for use cases.

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This is an interesting project. Have you checked out ExpressionLineDiff in the Wolfram Function Repository? You may be able to get some ideas from it.

From example 7 it looks like you are representing diffs in the head as a list of diffs. Perhaps these could be represented using position 0 in ReplacePart:

ReplacePart[0 -> g][f[x, y]]
g[x, y]

Replacing the whole expression can also be done with ReplacePart:

ReplacePart[{{}} -> y][x]

Yeah, but it has lot of bugs right now but still as I get time, I try to do some research and work on it. Will definitely look into that.

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