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Mathematica 12.2 Format->Style: list fills entire screen.

Posted 1 year ago
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I have Mathematica installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. When I click Format->Style , the list fills the entire screen - and more.

This is true whether I have a monitor attached or connect to the Pi remotely via VNC Viewer. The attached screenshot shows the upper left corner of this amazing sight.

Also, some items in the list of Format->Style display "Alt + ?" (with the ? in a black diamond). As far as I know, this is the only menu item that misbehaves in this way.

Thanks for any help!

Probably unrelated: I had to re-install Mathematica for because of 1) segmentation faults @ command line and 2) the lack of any output evaluated cells in a notebook.

Screen shot in vnc viewer with tv connected as monitor

POSTED BY: Ron Hartikka

I get a similar full screen thing on my RPi 4, too.

Does not happen on Version 12.0, Not sure about 12.1 or other platforms.

Many of the styles seem to come from core.nb I have not tried editing this file and expect that deleting it would crash the application.

I don't find this full screen behavior very helpful, and just hit Esc key and move along. It discourages the use of style sheets. Hope it gets fixed soon.

POSTED BY: Warren Jokinen
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