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Self-verifying papers as computational notebooks, e.g. Eckart potential

MODERATOR NOTE: the notebook can be dowloaded via “Make Your Own Copy” button at the end of the post.

For over 20 years, I have used Notebooks when reviewing papers submitted for publication. One goal, which I believe all papers should strive for, is reproducible computation—and so, in my reviews, I try to verify papers computationally,

The Notebook below applies to a specific problem: the Eckart Potential in atomic physics. But the idea is completely general. The code for computing each step is hidden behind the (TraditionalForm) output. This makes it trivial to verify each step and is also useful when producing figures and tables—as the required (symbolic) formulas are already available.

The Notebook works better in the Desktop version—for example:

  • Single-click on section headings to open/close them
  • The formatting of tables is perfect
  • No formulas appear with formatting issues

But, otherwise, the Notebook works well when published to the cloud.

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott

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