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Mathematica® based math Courses?

Posted 10 years ago
Once upon a time, I thought there existed math courses, particularly calculus, based on current version(s) of Mathematica®. Whether there was or not, I would like to see courses offered and written by Wolfram Inc. in specialized mathematics topics, actually written in interactive Mathematica®. You buy the course, and Mathematica® if not already owning it, then download the package or on CD, and learn at your own pace with feedback possible to experts. Charge as much as appropriate, up to the cost of a college semester.
I would think that this would encourage use of Mathematica® and be a wonderful way to learn mathematics.
3 Replies
A bit tangential - but still... I think there are numerous institutions using Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha as basis for their courses. It all depends on the teacher bringing it in to a specific school. One way to find out about this places is probably to look through scores of Wolfram-related books and see who the authors are and where they teach. Wolfram Blog runs sometimes an update on most interesting recently published books - for example:

New Books Use Mathematica to Bring Math and Science to Life

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
Faisal, thank you for this information! Here is another informative link from O’Reilly School of Technology:

New Online Math Courses with “Making Math”
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
I believe Wolfram Research has a pretty good track record for working with educators for developing content rather than developing it themselves. The Netmath program at University of Illinois is an excellent example. The courses are being delivered using Making Math which has a custom version of online Mathematica. All the courseware files are stored in the cloud. I am hoping Making Math will benefit greatly for Mathematica Online.
POSTED BY: Faisal Whelpley
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