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Wolfram|Alpha output changes in new browser window?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have the following as an input:*c*N*%28m%2Bp%29%29%2F%28%28m%5E2%29*p%29+substitute+c+%3D+sqrt%28c%5E2+-+%28%284%2F3000%29*k*N*%281%2Bm%2Fp%29%29%5E2%29

If I right click on the result and open in a new link I get this:

Which is wrong.

If I explicitly add operators, ie k^2 * N^2 * (1 + m/p)^2, I get the correct answer.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

POSTED BY: Garry George
Posted 1 year ago

Ok I’ve worked it out.

Wolfram|Alpha clearly doesn’t like capital N as a variable, n is ok.

POSTED BY: Garry George
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