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ErrorBarLogPlots --- Error Bars in Log Plots

Posted 11 years ago
Hi All,

I want to do a ListPlot in a logarithmic scale with error bars. Specifically I want to plot some points with the corresponding error bars. I have no been able to find the mathematica command that allows to plot the points with the error bars in a logarithmic scale. 
Attached what I tried 

ListLogPlot[{{0.2, 2.53}, {0.2, 2.53 - 2.04}, {0.2, 2.53 + 2.04}},
PlotRange -> {{0, 0.5}, {0.01, 10}}, Frame -> True]
ErrorListLogPlot[{{{0.2, 2.53}, ErrorBar[2.04]}},
PlotRange -> {{0, 0.5}, {0.01, 100}}, Frame -> True]
One can immediately see that while the first Plot draw the central point value together with the upper and the lower points accounting in a way for the errors the second plot, in which I intended to draw the central point with each corresponding errorbar, differs from the first plot. I principle the upper and lower errorbar limits of the second plot should coincide with the upper and lower points of the first plot.

This is because for sure I do not know the appropiate mathematica command to do so, can anybody help me?

I want to acknowledge you in advance!

Many thanks,

Just follow this discussion on stackexchange, even Vitaliy is contributing there
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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