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The 12.3 Front End so unresponsive?

Posted 11 months ago
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Has anyone else noticed that the front end is slow to respond to editing or entering code? I have a recent laptop with lots of memory and processing speed, and an Nvidia graphics card, but when typing the front end is slow to respond.

POSTED BY: George Wolfe
7 Replies

Typing can be very slow if the cell you are typing into is very large. IĀ suppose it is because the Front End has to reformat the whole cell after every keystroke. If it becomes unbearable, you may type somewhere else and then copy-paste.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
Posted 11 months ago

I am experiencing the same problem. When typing into a new cell there is a delay -- long enough that at first I thought my keyboard was an issue. Other applications did not have this problem, only Mathematica. I would close all applications, update the computer, do a Disk CleanUp, reboot and still had the same problem.

I am also finding that Mathematica will not move to the front when there are multiple applications open. The Mathematica window will appear when I click and hold the shortcut icon on the bottom of the screen, but will disappear on the click up / release. I have to minimize the other windows to get to and work on the Mathematica window...

POSTED BY: Raymond Low
Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for these comments. I wondered about my keyboard too, but I noticed that it's only Mathematica. I opened the task manger to watch my CPU load - not related, but I noticed periodic burst of high GPU load, just when the notebook window was really lagging. But I was just typing ...

I work on a big monitor connected to a laptop. The two screens work and different scales. When I drag a notebook from the laptop screen to the attached monitor, the text becomes huge during the transition, and sometimes I have to wiggle the notebook back and forth to get the text back to the appropriate size.

POSTED BY: Updating Name

Have the same experience here, even in almost empty notebooks. Sometimes when I'm done typing I still have time to watch the frontend complete the typing. But its very irregular and not always so usually when it starts I restart Mathematica which sometimes solves it, but not always.

POSTED BY: Martijn Froeling
Posted 6 months ago

I have exactly the same problem with Mathematica 13.0. It seems to be caused by certain cells. I have not had enough experience of it yet, but deleting the cell stops the problem. This is not really a work around because I needed that cell. All I was doing was using GraphicsRow to combine two ListPlots. The resulting output cell looks fine, but then cpu usage starts to climb and the interface becomes more and more unresponsive.

It seems to be reproducible. Is it worth reporting to Wolfram?

POSTED BY: Peter Mottishaw
Posted 6 months ago

What OS are you using? I have noticed that the Windows desktop GUI tends to be much less responsive than the MacOS one.

It would be good to report it; I hope Wolfram keeps track of GUI responsiveness problems and prioritizes performance fixes over adding new functions for the next release.

I would also ask on the Mathematica StackExchange if you want performance recommendations for your specific cell code.

POSTED BY: Alec Graves

If you can provide code required to replicate the issue then that would certainly constitute a viable bug report.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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