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Wolfram is hiring, Software Development Manager- Wolfram Finance Platform

Software Development Manager¬óWolfram Finance Platform

Position Overview:
For over 25 years, Wolfram has been pushing the boundaries of computation to deliver groundbreaking technology solutions across corporate, government, and educational sectors in all technical fields. Those solutions include Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, CDF, and the Wolfram Language.
We are seeking a software development manager for Wolfram Finance Platform.
This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative company known and respected worldwide as the leader in computation and computational knowledge across technical and scientific fields.
  • Implement product development: software architecting
  • Implement product development: lead development team
  • Coordinate releases and product-related projects
  • Design and implement compelling demos of key workflows and applications of functionality
  • Formulate product description as basis for marketing
  • Software development experience, including Mathematica and Wolfram technologies
  • High-level technical background, including degree in a technical subject
  • Organizational skills to manage complex projects
  • Ability to work with and direct others
  • The position does not require finance industry experience; this is a good opportunity to learn it.
The Software Development Manager will report directly to the Wolfram Research Europe CEO, who is responsible for defining the product strategy and roadmap. This is a full-time position based at our UK or US headquarters

Applicants can apply online at

If you would like more information about this position or would like to refer a candidate, please send email
POSTED BY: Holly Glenn
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