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We will all be there - European Wolfram Technology Conference 2014

Posted 9 years ago
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External speakers and all talks are announced!

Many Wolfram technology enthusiasts and Wolfram experts are eagerly and excitedly awaiting the second European Wolfram Technology Conference (27-28 May).
We had many great external submissions and topics covered are very wide from:

  • Data Science
  • Image Processing
  • Biosciences
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Machine Learning
  • Physics
  • Engineering
I hope to see you in Frankfurt.

Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
POSTED BY: Rita Crook
This was such a fantastic event, really gutted i can't make it this year emoticonemoticon

I guess that means there is an extra seat available........i'm sure someone else will take advantage (you'd be MAD not to). 

POSTED BY: Michael Belcher
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