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We will all be there - European Wolfram Technology Conference 2014

External speakers and all talks are announced!

Many Wolfram technology enthusiasts and Wolfram experts are eagerly and excitedly awaiting the second European Wolfram Technology Conference (27-28 May).
We had many great external submissions and topics covered are very wide from:

  • Data Science
  • Image Processing
  • Biosciences
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Machine Learning
  • Physics
  • Engineering
I hope to see you in Frankfurt.

Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
POSTED BY: Rita Crook
This was such a fantastic event, really gutted i can't make it this year emoticonemoticon

I guess that means there is an extra seat available........i'm sure someone else will take advantage (you'd be MAD not to). 

POSTED BY: Michael Belcher
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