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Solving the Fisher-KPP equation with NDSolve and Method of lines/NDSolve

Posted 11 years ago
I'm solving the Fisher-KPP equation using both NDSolve directly and the Method of line/NDSolve, and I'm having difficultly interpreting the results from the method of lines. I understand the solution to be a moving wave front, but the MOL yields a result only in terms of u and t. Is there a way plot these results so that I get the same plot as when it is solved directly? Also, I'm not totally confident with the way my initial conditions are set up in the MOL. They should be {1-x, for 0 <= x <= 1, 0, for 1 < x <= 5} in the continuous case. Any help would be appreciated.
POSTED BY: William Schacht
Have you seen this complete solution? The source code can be downloaded form there.

Fisher-Kolmogoroff Equation

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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