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Percolation theory reveals biophysical properties of virus-like particles


Brunk, N.E., Twarock, R.

Percolation Theory Reveals Biophysical Properties of Virus-like Particles.

ACS Nano 2021, 15, 8, 12988–12995

Full article in PDF

POSTED BY: Nicholas Brunk
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Very interesting work! I mentored a #WolframSummerSchool student, @Jihyeon Je, working on a related project in 2018: Modeling Protein Structure of Viral Capsids:

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott

Nicholas: we only had 2 weeks to work on this project—and I don't know what Jihyeon is doing now—but it does sound like revisiting this project at a future #WolframSummerSchool would be a good idea!

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott

Thanks, Paul! Jihyeon's work is a very interesting exploration of capsid geometry and I look forward to diving into it further. Geodesation of Platonic solids gets you at least approximate geometric tilings that have the same topology, which ultimately determines percolation properties (and was thus sufficient for me here).

However, there are large swathes of tilings more intricate than those produced via the scripted method I used; in those instances, we resorted to a bit of manual work using 3rd party resources in the associated publication, even just to get the topological representation down. Your and Jihyeon's work seems to be more rigorous in that direction using Mathematica, which is fascinating.

POSTED BY: Nicholas Brunk

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