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Help with MeijerG function

Posted 11 years ago
The function has 2 arguments MeijerG "-1 / 2) * r I * Sqrt , 1/2", I do not know the dependence of these,wish it can be expressed as a function of bessel functions or another functions .
I have tried using the Expand command but does nothing in the help of mathematica does not mention that these arguments mean, or in terms that can be expanded .
The function is
MeijerG[{{-(1/2)}, {-1}}, {{-(1/2), 1/2}, {-(3/2), -1}}, -1/2I r Sqrt, 1/2]
POSTED BY: Michael castro
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
thanks, but occupy "FunctionExpand" command and has not changed the function. The tabulated result of the expression I'm solving is a function bessel function so the function MeijerG restricts me 
POSTED BY: Michael castro
Hi. It looks like there was a problem in formatting your Mathematica output. If you can try formatting it, it might help us understand the issue.

MeijerG will simplify to Bessel functions when possible. Try FunctionExpand if you haven't already. Expand is for a different kind of problem, like the kind you see in the examples in the documentation.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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