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[WEBINAR] New in Wolfram Language 13: Blockchain, Cryptography and NFTs

Posted 9 months ago
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Come join us at a Webinar on Thursday, January 20th at 12:30pm EST (5:30pm UTC) to see what's new with Blockchain, Cryptography and NFTs in the Wolfram Language. We will have several presenters and Q&A with Wolfram experts. Please comment below if you have any questions!


About This Webinar: Learn about the math behind cryptography and how the Wolfram Language facilitates the development of hands-on educational content, explore NFT technology and learn how to connect a blockchain to the Wolfram Language.

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POSTED BY: Steph Macurdy

Excited to be a part of the presentation tomorrow and I hope to see a lot of Wolfram Community members there!

POSTED BY: Jon Woodard
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