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The emissivity of Nifethal doesn't find it.

Posted 11 years ago
The emissivity of Nifethal doesn't find it. It's weird because the emissivity of Kanthal can find it.

When I search the emissivity of Nifethal says 'data not available'

It would be great to see the result in the near future because I'm trying to search it and I haven't found it yet.

POSTED BY: Kleiber Osoga
2 Replies
Seems like it's here:

ee page 13.  It appears that the value is 0.88.

Of course in W|A  'data not available' means that the WRI curated database does not have the source for this. 
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 11 years ago
Oh my god! Thanks! I hadn't seen that.

I have no words to say. Really, thanks
POSTED BY: Kleiber Osoga
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