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Newbie to Cuda, can I use Cuda with this graphics card?

Posted 12 years ago
Hello Math Community,
I'd like to try my first few steps with Cuda-Link.  I can't get past step 1---and that is trying to find out if I can use it on my laptop.

I can't find a driver for my graphics card:  AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB on my Macbook from mid-2012 running 10.7.5.  Although it feels like I am looking for a needle in a haystack.

Has anyone out there been succesful in getting Cuda to install and run on a system/graphics card like mine on M8? My initial explorations indicate that I can't use Cuda, but it would be nice to know if I should keep looking.

(* from M8 *)
In[36]:= CUDAInformation[]

During evaluation of In[36]:= CUDAInformation::invdriv: CUDA was not able to find a valid CUDA driver. Refer to CUDALink System Requirements for system requirements. >>

Out[36]= CUDAInformation[]
 {"Typical Uses", "3D graphics rotation"},
 {"Vendor", "ATI Technologies Inc."},
 {"Renderer", "ATI Radeon HD 6770M OpenGL Engine"},
 {"Version", "2.1 ATI-7.32.12"}

A check on the documentation indicates that my graphics card is not supported, but a wolfram tech at the WTC2012 told me that he had seen cuda working on a mac similar to mine.
POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
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After a long trial and error,I was able to solve the problem. Here is the trick. 
  1. Remove CUDA and the driver. 
  2. Download and install Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 with the C/C++ compiler. I do not recomend 2013 as CUDA will not recognize this.  
  3. Do the CUDA installation. It is very important that you follow up the instructions. Follow up that CUDA detects  Visual Studio from your system. Most people tend to install visual studio after the CUDA installation. This will not work , because the CUDA will not not register the path to the VC compiler.
  4.  Needs["CUDALink`"]; 
  5. CUDAQ[]   ;  if the compiler returns "True "  you are half way there and in good track. If  "false", Startup Visual studio and make sure you have the C++ active.  Run a sample C code just in case.  
  6. Enter Needs["SymbolicC`"] ;   
  7. CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True];  

For some reason, the Mathematica installation of CUDA does not provide the latest libraries. This command will force to download all current updates.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Craig.. What is the card you are using.  Also, can you suggest a frame grabber that has a CUDA able chipset
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Thanks. That is a time saving answer.

I checked the hello world example from M8's doc (OpenCLLink/tutorial/Introduction) and it works just fine.  Many thanks.
POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
CUDA only works on (certain, modern) nVidia graphics cards. Apple has been going back and forth between AMD and nVidia when it comes to graphics cards.

I have a ATI Radeon HD 6750M, and OpenCL works on it (with Mathematica 8 and the current development/prerelease version).
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
you cannot use CUDA but you should be able to use OpenCL. 
POSTED BY: Abdul Dakkak
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