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CellularAutomaton function speed

Posted 10 years ago
has anyone done a speed comparion of Gosper's Golly program/app ( and the CellularAutomaton function? it would be interesting because e.g. the Game of Life program implemented in CellularAutomaton function ( is very fast - much faster than the 3 versions i wrote in the final section of my turorial notes set ( which surprised me becuase in one of those programs i made direct use of all of the 512 update rules which i expectedd to be quite fast since it directly uses the rule-based, pattern-matching nature of WL). if anyone knows of, or can do, a speed omparision, i'd like to know the results (you'll need to look at the effect of both the grid size and  the number of time steps  - and possibly the initial number of empty (i.e. dead) sites as well - because the relative speed of execution of the various programs can change as a function of these parameter values.. 
POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
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