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Need help with DSolve inside Manipulate

Posted 10 years ago
After coming out with this system of equations (see insert) , I have been trying to use Wolfram Mathematica 9.0 to solve the systems and plot the curves using Manipulate so that I can have interactive sliders to manipulate the parameters but I haven't been able to do that.
Please, I need your help with the Coding and Simulation of the Model in Mathematica 9.0.
Please find attached the system of differential equations.
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... the manual helps ... it is something like
DSolve[{D[S[t], t] == \[Alpha] - \[Beta] S[t] H[t] - \[Mu] S[t],
  D[H[t], t] == \[Beta] S[t] H[t] - (\[Gamma] + \[Lambda] + \[Mu]) H[t],
  D[T[t], t] == \[Lambda] H[t] - \[Mu] T[t],
  D[A[t], t] == \[Gamma] H[t] - (\[Delta] + \[Mu]) A[t](* initial conditions *)}, {S[t], H[t], T[t], A[t]}, t]
if you must go to numerical solutions (NDSolve[]), the coefficients must be specified ... the I is reserved for the imaginary unit in Mma, so use e.g. H instead of I
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
thanks for the help!
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