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cant get ListLinePlot to work

Posted 11 years ago
In wolfram alpha I tried entering:

ListLinePlot[{ {15, 4.55}, {20, 1.6}, {25, 0.55} }]

I expected a line to pass through (15, 4.55), (20, 1.6) & (25, 0.55); But it instead creates a line that passes through (0, 15), (1, 4.55), (2, 20)

Can you help and tell me what I'm doing wrong? The documentation clearly states the format & I'm following the same.
Posted 11 years ago
Based on the warning message 

apparently WolframAlpha has not yet incorporated understanding of ListLinePlot given {x,y} coordinates for points in Mathematica notation.

Fortunately this works

even though WolframAlpha doesn't seem to have incorporated understanding of Joined->True
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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