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Can this flowchart be drawn by Mathematica?

Posted 10 years ago
   "Choose an exhaustive summary, \[Kappa],with p parameters" ->
    "Find the rank", "Find the rank" -> "Model is full rank",
   "Model is full rank" ->
    "Does the model extend?", {"Does the model extend?" ->
     "Can the extension theorem be used?", "Yes"},
   {"Can the extension theorem be used?" ->
     "If \!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(D\), \(es\)]\) is full rank, the model \
 is full rank in general.", "Yes"},
  {"Can the extension theorem be used?" ->
    "Choose a reparameterisation s of length \
\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(p\), \(s\)]\)", "No"}
VertexLabeling -> True,
DirectedEdges -> True

I am indeed of a flowchart. Also I am exploring different functionality of Mathematica.
I have tried to draw a bit of the graph, but when there are brunchs (yes, and no). The grapha seem to clapse.

In the texts (strings), is it possible to get a maths p? like in latex $p$, instead of the letter p.
See the first box, "...with p parameters"

I wonder if there is any tricks here? Or Mathematica is a bad choose for this?
(I tried latex, but just can't spend that much time learning tikz, just for this 'simple' graph)
Mathematica code look much simpler.

3 Replies
I think that Mathematica is currently a bad choice for this. It certainly is possible to do it, but it will give you a little too much trouble, if you want to have somthing slightly formated to your taste.

This schematics drawing capability would be great to have in Mathematica (something like in MS Visio), since it would substancially extend the range of GUI that can be created in Mathematica. Doing computations on user drawn schematics, etc. Actually, I believe there's no need to explain my point of view further; just think of what would be of Wolfram SystemModeler, if it did not have this kind of GUI capability.

Since WR already has the SystemModeler GUI technology, it would be great to have it fused within the Mathematica GUI. Meanwhile, the best we can do, is to import the files generated by softwares like dia, libreOffice Draw, yEd, etc, with one of the existing graph import capabilities of Mathematica, but we lose the intereaction (sorry, I'm already going a little out of the scope of the question...)
POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
Posted 10 years ago
Your flowchart is correct. Nothing to point out in the algo. But its even better if you had drawn the flowchart using standard / approved flowchart symbols. Like decision blocks should be represented by diamond shapes. And you should represent the start and end with eclipse. Draw this flowchart using a flowchart software like creately.
POSTED BY: Evan Raymonds
Yes it is possible, check this out:

Orthogonal aka rectangular edge layout for Graph
POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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