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Looking for experiences with linking graph drawing tools to Mathematica

Mathematica doesn't have a drag, drop and link GUI. Now that the SystemModeler technology is there, it would be great to have its GUI integrated within Mathematica, so that we could create more sophisticated applications (I don't mean having the SystemModeler integrated; I just mean its GUI drag and drop kind of capabilities).

While waiting for it, has anyone ever tried to "link" Mathematica to softwares like dia, libreOffice Draw, yEd, Visio, etc?

Mathematica has different Graph import functionalities. But from the simple import, up to the processing of the schematics, in any way, and based on the user custom properties entered into each Graph object, and passing the processed info back to the graph, etc., there's probably a long distance to go (not to mention the workflow details of such an interaction: can we "double click" the object to call Mathematica on it, which is is best solution to customize to a less generic interface, etc).

Is there someone with an experience to share?
POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
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Pedro, I just posted a question regarding interfacing Mathematica with microstation. I'd like to import the lines and nodal points of a microstation file into Mathematica. Can you help with this?

POSTED BY: Mark Converse
Sean,  I'm looking to hear from someone that might have connected, in some way, anyway, Mathematica to one of the existing graph editing softwares... I'm NOT looking for a built-IN graph editor... (how many times have I mentioned it before?) 

And if you don't understand what I'm looking for, how do you answer it with universal knowledge? I apreciate your effort in trying to understand it, but lets see if other people have their personal experiences to share. For example, I have a personal experience in connecting Mathematica to Microstation; not a great or vast one, but I could add my two cents... did you know that?
POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are looking for, but the short answer is that no, nothing like what you're describing exists.

Are you looking for a built-in graph editor for Mathematica? That doesn't exist yet.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Are you looking to build a Graph expression visually? Or are you looking to do something more complicated like program Mathematica visually?

LibreOffice makes SVG files. You want a program that exports its data to one of the formats for Graphs that Mathematica supports.

Looking online for graph drawing programs, there's which exports to the (DOT) format that is supported by Mathematica.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Sean, I'm looking for a Graph GUI editor (so, closer to your first possibility). With functionalities like drag and drop, costume made objects library (specific drawings and snap points, properties, etc), whose information I would use to do processing, and vice-versa (meaning, whose information, like properties, would be automatically updated).

I know what exists on the market (I just answered a different post on the subject). My question is: has anyone already built something like what I'm describing? I mean, an application that is based on both one of this tools and Mathematica. Not a simple one time computation, but an actual "product" that is based on the linking that can be done with this tools (and it is a description of the achievable functionality/completness that I'm eagerly waiting to hear from those who have tried).
POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
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