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Tell Wolfram|Alpha to interpret NOR and NAND as binary operators?

Posted 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to tell Wolfram|Alpha to interpret NOR and NAND as binary operators instead of n-ary?

I'm searching for a way to find NAND and NOR forms of expressions, but only using binary operators.
When I enter queries, Wolfram|Alpha always tells me that it assumes NAND/NOR as n-ary operators, but I haven't found a way to make it not do that.

POSTED BY: Magnus Lubkowitz
4 Replies

Not sure about your trouble but are you aware that n-ary is a subset of bin-ary?

POSTED BY: Robert Nowak

Isn't it the other way around?
An n-ary operator can take any amount of arguments, so a binary operator is an n-ary operator and all binary operators are a subset of the n-ary operators. A binary operator always takes two arguments, so it can't be the superset of the n-ary operators, which can take any amount of arguments.

My goal however ist to make Wolfram:Alpha only use binary operators; with NAND/NOR as n-ary operators, it also supplies solutions where three or more arguments are fed into NAND/NOR, I'm trying to make it only use NANDs/NORs that take two arguments.

POSTED BY: Magnus Lubkowitz

Oh, your of course perfectly right, in the hurry I mixed up super and sub set.

POSTED BY: Robert Nowak

Ah good, that's reassuring! :D

POSTED BY: Magnus Lubkowitz
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