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Extracting equations from a pdf?

Posted 10 months ago
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For importing pdf documents, Version 13 introduced a larger variety of importable elements such as embedded images, etc. These can be very useful.

I am wondering if anybody has worked out how to do the following: Extract equations from a pdf of a journal article.

For example, enter image description here it would be useful to construct a way to have thumbnails of the equations.

Why? When I read pdfs of papers on my laptop or tablet, its a PITA to scroll back to equation 18 to figure out what the author is doing. If I had a document open with just the equations--that document being programmatically created by WL--reading papers on screens would be simplified.... I think.

POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter

By ImageResize of the image produce a tumbnail jpg and Export the pdf with Metadata containing the Thumbnail.

POSTED BY: Roland Franzius
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