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Can i use wolfram as a chemistry equation editor?

Posted 10 years ago
if yes how can i do that? if not can you share a good  chemistry equation editor? 
POSTED BY: Togan Cristian
3 Replies
Go here and see what is possible in W|A: Chemical Reactions

Then use in Mathematica things like:
WolframAlpha["Al + O2 -> Al2O3", {{"BalancedEquation:ChemicalReactionData", 1}, "Content"}]

WolframAlpha["benzene + nitronium (ion) -> 0.02 mols nitrobenzene + hydrogen (ion)",
  {{"BalancedEquation:ChemicalReactionData", 1}, "Content"}]
POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
It's also impressive that Mathematica can balance chemical reactions.
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
This example equation (by Frank Kampas) was created using Ctrl+_ to get into Subscript position, right arrow to get back out and Equilibrium symbol entered as Esc equi Esc. Just copy and paste this linear 2D string code, to see the formatted display result in a Mathematica Notebook.
"3\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(Zn\), \(1\)]\) + 8\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(H\), \
\(1\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(N\), \(1\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(O\), \
\(3\)]\) \[Equilibrium] 3\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(Zn\), \
\(1\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(N\), \(2\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(O\), \
\(6\)]\) + \!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(N\), \
\(1\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(O\), \(1\)]\) + \
4\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(H\), \(2\)]\)\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(O\), \(1\)]\)"
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