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Evaluating expressions stored in Notebook through Java via Kernel

Mathematica Kernel can generally open a notebook, and evaluate the functions present in the notebook using UsingFrontEnd Command.

Example: UsingFrontEnd[SelectionEvaluateCreateCell ]

However, when I try from Java the following Command, no action happens:

m1.evaluate("UsingFrontEnd[SelectionEvaluateCreateCell ]"); 
Can anyone please explain how I can evaluate expressions in some notebook file through Java.
 Note: I have tried all options like NotebookEvaluate, SelectionEvaluate, etc. I have also tried different combinations for SelectionMove Command.

Thanks in advance emoticon
POSTED BY: ritu1909
2 Replies
It is ml.evaluate not m1.evaluate
POSTED BY: Seth Chandler
Can anyone atleast suggest how I can use Java to operate on equations stored in mathematica?
POSTED BY: ritu1909
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