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How "dolly" into a 3D graphic in Mathematica 13.1?

In his announcement of Mathematica 13.1 (, Stephen Wolfram discusses a new feature: the ability to "dolly" into a 3D graphic (which is different from zooming in).

How does one do this? Is it some key combination and if so, what - for Mac and for Windows?

The example he uses is:

 Graphics3D[Table[Style[Ball[RandomReal[1, 3], RandomReal[{0, 0.1}]], RandomColor[]], 40]]

He includes a video showing "dollying in" but doesn't say how to do it.

POSTED BY: Murray Eisenberg
5 Replies

It probably should be added here but it's not:

I couldn't find "dolly" either.

POSTED BY: Michael Rogers

On Windows, it's CTRL+Shift+drag rather than CTRL+Drag for zoom. So I guess on Mac it will be CMD+Shift+drag

POSTED BY: Martijn Froeling

Yes, CMD+Shift+drag on Mac. Thanks.

Is this documented anywhere? (I didn't find it.)

POSTED BY: Murray Eisenberg
Posted 2 years ago

Hi Murray,

Check out Stephen's video on 13.1 at around the 1:01:29 mark. On a Mac it is Command + click drag.

POSTED BY: Rohit Namjoshi

The entire video takes only about 15 seconds.

How does the key sequence for Dolly differ from that for Zoom? It looks to me like to Zoom on Mac, one uses Cmd+drag (the docs - workflow/RotatePanAndZoom3DGraphics -- say Option+drag, but that merely rotates on Mac).

POSTED BY: Murray Eisenberg
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