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[WSS22] Fluid dynamics on graphs

Posted 2 years ago

Wolfram Notebook

POSTED BY: Abhishek Joshi
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Directory[]; Get["/Users/deangladish/QuiverGeometry/Kernel/init.m"]

@Abhishek Joshi that was so good capturing fluid dynamics & interaction, and discovering the limits of this discrete approach, and so the question is what are they?

     evoSqLarge = QuiverGasEvolve[
        SquareQuiver@{Modulo@20, Modulo@20},
        {"yY" -> "xX"},
        RuleSymmetries -> {PCycle["yxYX"]}
        ], t, 1000];
       evoSqLarge["ParticlePlot", 2, Mesh -> False],
       evoSqLarge["DensityPlot", 1, {20, 20}]
     {{t, 50, "Time"}, 1, 100, 1}


POSTED BY: Dean Gladish

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