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[WSS22] Evolver-Wolfram intersection

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POSTED BY: Kurt Swanson
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Ascend the steps of computational irreducibility..bacteria in the shape of the standalone Evolver with the Wolfram Physics. @Kurt Swanson. A simple example is, you can do that as a one-person operation, perhaps if you're writing a book and you're publishing it then you write the book and there's a whole system of publishers, who get the book out. You're only expecting that you're the one running the printing press so to speak; there's a piece that you contribute and there's a sort of downstream that the rest of the world contributes. All the mechanics of serving the video and all those things is not handled by you.

polyhedronNames = {"Cuboctahedron", "Icosidodecahedron", "Spikey", 
   "SmallStellatedDodecahedron", "SmallRhombicuboctahedron"};

volumes = Map[
     PolyhedronData[#, "BoundaryMeshRegion"]
     ] &,

evolvedPolyhedra = Map[
     PolyhedronData[#, "BoundaryMeshRegion"],
     "Commands" -> "r 2;g 2",
     "FixBoundary" -> True,
     "STL2FE" -> "None"] &,

   ], PlotLabel -> Style[
    polyhedronNames[[i]] <>
     " Volume: " <>
    RGBColor[0, 0, 1],
    FontFamily -> "Arial"]
  ], {i, Length[polyhedronNames]}

In the case of consulting for example it can often be the case that you have a one-person company, or a one-person business, because it's the expertise of that one person that they want, the consultant of some kind there might be a business consultant, there might be an interior designer, all kinds of different things. And then as they scale up, and they say I've got too much work I'm going to get other people to help me, the service gets worse, because the person who had that high level skill is just in principle. The person who's going to do the assisting setting up meetings, the help, the legwork, in the modern world the kind of ancillary activities that are these kinds of activities are outsourcable in some way. The surfaces in Evolver are subject to energy minimization driven by surface tension.

spikey = PolyhedronData["Spikey", "BoundaryMeshRegion"]

Evolver Wolfram 1

And that's where the value is coming from, one of the unfortunate things that happens is you'll have a business where there's a high-skilled person who is able to do this particular kind of thing, but the way it will end up is that is the person who will end up doing the selling of the business..and so you have this sort of situation where the person who is most able to do able to do the work is doing the work, and I was concerned that that was sort of the natural thing that would happen, that I would be the person who could explain the best what we were doing and sort of sell it the best, and I decided that wasn't what I wanted to do, so I made it a principle of our company that I'm not going to do that. That we're going to have sales, business development, who's going to do that.

spikeyCentroid = RegionCentroid[spikey];
translatedSpikey = 
  TransformedRegion[spikey, TranslationTransform[-spikeyCentroid]];
scaledSpikey = 
  TransformedRegion[translatedSpikey, ScalingTransform[{2, 2, 2}]];
rotatedSpikey = 
   RotationTransform[Pi/4, {0, 0, 1}]];
combinedTransform = 
  Composition[RotationTransform[Pi/4, {0, 0, 1}], 
   ScalingTransform[{2, 2, 2}]];
transformedSpikey = 
  TransformedRegion[translatedSpikey, combinedTransform];
GraphicsRow[{Show[spikey, Axes -> True, AxesLabel -> {"X", "Y", "Z"}],
   Show[transformedSpikey, Axes -> True, 
   AxesLabel -> {"X", "Y", "Z"}]}]
spikeyHull = ConvexHullMesh[MeshCoordinates[spikey]];
Show[spikey, spikeyHull]
spikeySurfaceArea = Area[spikey];
spikeyVertices = MeshCoordinates[spikey];
spikeyDelaunayMesh = DelaunayMesh[spikeyVertices];
Show[spikey, spikeyDelaunayMesh]

Evolver Wolfram 2

Evolver Wolfram 3

Evolver Wolfram 4

So a few comments there anyway. As a practical matter, there are endless blogging platforms like WordPress; more the question is how do actually produce all of those words "in different directions" and produce this thing that gets put out there, and some of them let you, give you good ways to monetize that if you want to do that? But I think more to the point is how do you write things and what causes you to write things? My attitude for what I'm doing is, I write when I have something to say. I have no quota for myself where I'm going to write a piece a month and when one looks at the posting dates for what I've done there are sometimes 4, 5 month gaps, and what I've done is, my posts are a side effect and a concretization of the projects that I do, rather than being a case that "the posts" are the end in themselves so to speak.


POSTED BY: Dean Gladish

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