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[WSS22] Generalizing electromagnetism to fractional dimensions

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POSTED BY: Sanjib Katuwal
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How did you know your 2d grid was going to just come up and with no explanation?

Subscript[electricpotential, r_][d_] := 
 Log[Gamma[(d/2) - 1]/(4*\[Pi]^(d/2))*1/r^(d - 2)]
  {NestList[Subscript[electricpotential, r], 3.9, 1231],
   NestList[Subscript[electricpotential, r], 4, 1231]},
  PlotMarkers -> "*",
  PlotLegends -> Placed[{"d=3.9", StringJoin["d=4.", ""]}, {0.7, 0.7}],
  PlotTheme -> "Web",
  FrameLabel -> {Style["nest steps", 15], 
    Style["electricpotential", 15]},
  PlotLabel -> "the electric potential for d dimensions"
  {r, 1.64},

Sanjib many thanks for all this feedback, suggestions, support you guys are all rockstars. The point charge q finds electric field strength. The point charge q is kept colored black, and they are kept at a finite distance from each other. Is electromagnetic potential oscillatory? How do you get exact vertex weight?


POSTED BY: Dean Gladish

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