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Propagation of Light within a Gravitational Field in Quantum Light Theory

To describe the interaction between “Gravity” and “Light”, the Inertia (Mass) of Light has to be included within the Fundamental Electromagnetic Field Equations, which Describe Classical Electrodynamics.

Maxwell’s Equations do not include an Inertia Term for Light . For that reason, a new “Fundamental Electromagnetic Equation” has to be developed to describe the Electromagnetic Field (including Inertia and Electromagnetic Interaction) in a different and more complete way than Maxwell (Einstein called Maxwell the greatest physicist of his century) did. To develop a new electromagnetic theory, it is necessary to go back to the time of Isaac Newton, who published in 1687 in the “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” a Universal Fundamental Principle in Physics. “The Fundamental Principle of Harmony in the Whole Universe” based on his religious and mathematical understanding of the “Creator of the Universe”. Newton expressed this “Harmony” in the foundation of a “Universal Equilibrium” and he expressed the “Universal Equilibrium” in his third Law on which all Physics (till now) has been built.

Wolfram Notebook

[The Propagation of Light within a Gravitational Field Calculated with Quantum Light Theory

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