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Black Holes and Dark Matter

John Archibald Wheeler was the first physicist who designed the concept of a Black Hole in 1955 by introducing the GEON (Gravitational Electromagnetic Confinement).

The lifetime of the GEON in Wheelers concept was very short. In the order of nano seconds. In Quantum Light Theory:

Quantum Light Theory” has been based fully on Isaac Newton’s concepts and early ideas about beauty, harmony and equilibrium. The most important concept in QLT is his third law. “The law of Equilibrium”. Newton’s third law of Equilibrium has been extended in QLT into a 4-dimensional Equilibrium in which the Equilibrium in time (the fourth dimension) represents the fundamental relativistic quantum mechanical “Dirac Equation” which is a better presentation in quantum physics than the Earlier presented Schrödinger Equation which is only valid at relative low velocities.

Gravity is the interaction between two or more gravitational fields. In a comparable way like electric fields only interact with electric fields and magnetic fields only interact with magnetic fields. It is wrong to suggest that electric fields interact with magnetic fields. They do not interact. And Electric Fields do not interact with Gravitational Fields. In the same way Magnetic fields do not interact with Gravitational Fields. By moving in space and time with a relative velocity, Electric Fields interact with “Transformed Magnetic Fields" by the Relativistic Lorentz Transformation” into an Electric Field.

By moving in space and time with a relative velocity, Magnetic Fields interact with “Transformed Electric Fields" by the Relativistic Lorentz Transformation” into a Magnetic Field:

By accelerating in space and time with a relative acceleration, Gravitational Fields interact with “Transformed Electromagnetic Fields by the "Relativistic second order Lorentz transformation".

Quantum Light Theory describes the “Quantization of Confined Light” (Electromagnetic Radiation). An example of the “Quantization of Confined Light” appears in the Electromagnetic GEONs introduced by Archibald Wheeler in 1955. The existence of GEONs has been based on Electromagnetic Gravitational Interaction.

Quantum Light Science (QLT)

Solutions for Black Holes with an infinite lifetime are possible.

The Origing of Gravity

enter image description here


This is so close to what I feel is absolutely a black hole to be nearly perfect, but I think that the mass integers of physics outside our universe have an effect. That is my opinion.

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