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New: Highlighted Core Areas of the Wolfram Language

As the Wolfram Language has grown, we've added new capabilities in very many different domains. Many people have asked for a simple way to communicate our technology with their colleagues.

We are excited to announce the first nine Core Areas pages, with many more to come:

Wolfram VisualizationWolfram Calculus & AlgebraWolfram Machine Learning
Wolfram GeometryWolfram OptimizationWolfram Geography
Wolfram ImageWolfram VideoWolfram Chemistry

These pages are intended to summarize key functionality in the Wolfram Language, and to be a single location for examples, news, and learning resources for new and existing users in specific areas.

Take a look and share them with your colleagues and peers!

More pages and improvements to existing ones are in the works. Please let us know what you think!

POSTED BY: Shadi Ashnai
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This set of initial pages seem great to me. I would like to suggest for the next batch to include one for Controls Systems / Digital Signal Processing.

POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino

Thanks Gustavo! Both are on the list, among many more (Audio, Graphs, FEM, ...)

POSTED BY: Shadi Ashnai

I should have replied here that we released Control Systems in May. Almost around the same time that we published pages for Audio Computation and FEM.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

And, more is on the way...

POSTED BY: Shadi Ashnai
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