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Data collector using SQL operators package

Posted 16 days ago
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POSTED BY: Damian Calin
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Thanks again for your paclet repository suggestion and for clarifying the deployment issue.


POSTED BY: Damian Calin

Hi Damian,

Great to see your paclet on the repository! :)

The reason the PacletInstall[..] command did not work is that there is currently a bug causing a delay of at most 1-2 hours between the paclet becoming visible on the repository website and the paclet appearing in the PacletSite metadata file that the PacletInstall[..] command checks to know about available paclets.

A bug fix for that is in the works (so that a published paclet becomes visible to PacletInstall as soon as it is visible on the website), and will go out when we do our next resource system infrastructure update in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the PacletInstall[..] command should work now because the PacletSite file has been refreshed since then. I was able to install your paclet successfully.

Thanks, Connor

POSTED BY: Connor Gray

Hi, I follow your advice and I’ve just publish a first draft of SQLOperators on Wolfram pack repository (using definition notebook). enter image description here

The deployment went fine but when I try to install the paclet on my environment I get:

enter image description here Do you have any idea why?

Thanks for your help,


POSTED BY: Damian Calin

Hi, thanks for your reply ;)

The thing is I have a free account on Eolframcloud so my uploaded files expire after a couple of weeks or months.

Anyways I’ve just reloaded “SQLOperators.wl” package, so now it should be available, so let me know if you can access it.

Didn’t know about paclets, so I’ll have a look and I might create one if is easier to install and permanent than Wolfram packages.


POSTED BY: Damian Calin

Hi Damian, this seems like a really interesting project! However, I noticed that I get a permissions error when I try to view the link in your post:

enter image description here

Have you considered uploading your SQLOperators package to the Wolfram Paclet Repository ( That would make it super easy for others to try it out! :)


POSTED BY: Connor Gray

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