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Wolfram Quantum Framework: a fast introduction

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POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami
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Mads you've got the guided tutorial gift it's like The Future of Basic Research, ServiceConnect that begins with Amazon Web Services Connection Authentication mode! aws = ServiceConnect["AWS"]; is it Automatic or Manual?

Dataset @ 
 Normal @ <|{0, 0, 1} -> 23, {1, 0, 1} -> 10, {1, 1, 1} -> 
    23, {0, 0, 0} -> 20, {1, 1, 0} -> 12, {0, 1, 0} -> 2, {1, 0, 0} ->
     8, {0, 1, 1} -> 2|>


Welcome to the Simulator device type, ServiceObject Manual.

devices["Devices", Select[#DeviceType == "SIMULATOR" &]]

AWS Devices simulator

POSTED BY: Dean Gladish

Note you can send queries to a QPU directly from a Wolfram notebook. See below examples

POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami
Posted 1 year ago

Great work! Is there any example circuit for variational quantum algorithm or variational quantum eigensolver?

POSTED BY: Wang Qlong
MeshFunctions->{Log[-Log[1 - #2]]&},Mesh->{3},MeshStyle -> {Directive[PointSize[Medium]]},Joined -> True]

Quantum Measurement Operator

List Plot

Phenomenal overview. That is a good question; it depends on how you define example circuit; anyhow there are example circuits for Variational Quantum Algorithms or Variational Quantum Eigensolvers.

POSTED BY: Dean Gladish

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