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Inner Workings of ImageStitch: Image Registration, Projection and Blending

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the notebook used in the livestream "Inner Workings of ImageStitch: Image Registration, Projection and Blending" on Wednesday, December 7 -- a part of Wolfram R&D livestream series announced and scheduled here: For questions about this livestream, please leave a comment below.

POSTED BY: Markus van
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Posted 1 year ago

Very neat! It seems like the feathering and multi-scale Laplacian image blending could be trivially modified to produce tileable texture images for graphics. I am curious how combining the two approaches works as well.

Perhaps a good function repository addition if anyone has some spare time :)

POSTED BY: Alec Graves

Thank you for the detailed presentation. There are still a few open questions and I hope you might be able to comment on these:

  • If one uses ImageStitch with the new canvas option to stitch the images on a spherical or cylindrical canvas, I wonder how one can specify the radius of the canvas sphere in relation to the image size. What I mean is, if you want to project the images correctly on a spherical canvas, you need to know the solid angle covered by the individual images. If I remember correctly, this can be derived from the properties of the camera optics, but is the respective information (usually stored in the image headers) used by the ImageStitch function? If not, I assume it should have options for specifying these parameters to get the stitching right, or do I miss something here?
  • You presented the Multiscale Image Blending Method as an alternative to Feathering, however, it looks like this is either not yet implemented or at least the respective Method option is not yet described in the documentation. Comments to that?
  • Canvas options are also not yet included in the documentation of Mathematica 13.2.0. I verified by trial and error that currently "Plane", "Sphere" and "Cylinder" are valid options, but as mentioned further up, no apparent way to specify details like solid angle of images etc.
POSTED BY: Karl Krieger

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