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Downgrade Mathematica Version to run an 8.0 notebook?

Dear All,

I am using Mathematica version 9 for Windows and I want to run a script written by my friend and he is using Mathematica version 8. Whenever I open his script, I got a notification "Continue with updated styling" or "Revert to older styling". For his previous script, I chose the option "Continue with updated styling" and I could run the script. So I thought that if I am using newer version, I can run any scripts written by older versions.

But for his new script, I can't run it and at first I thought it's due to some command errors but I couldn't find the errors. Then he told me that maybe it's because I am using version 9 and advised me to downgrade it.

I tried to choose the 2nd option i.e. "Revert to older styling" but I still can't run the script properly. So my questions is as follows: 1. Is there another way to downgrade Mathematica version from 9 to 8? 2. Is that possible that actually the problem related to the memory and not really about the version itself? For running that script, he told me that it took him 8-14 hours to get the results. For information, the installed memory (RAM) in my laptop is 4 GB (2.99 GB usable).

Thanks in advance for your attention. Best Regards, Intan

6 Replies

Is not possible to install Mathematica 8 and Mathematica 9 on the same computer?

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

Hi Marco,

It seems like someone ever discussed about it before [ ] and it's said there is no problem to install multiple versions in 1 PC.

I have 2 licenses, one is installed in my laptop and another one is installed in my laboratory PC but both are version 9.0.0. So I am thinking if it's really necessary, then maybe I need to downgrade one of them to version 8 but I am not sure how to do so.

Best Regards, Intan


Hello Intan,

I took a bit of a look at the notebook. Nothing seems explicitly wrong with its code after a relatively quick glance. But since the code takes a long time to run, I cannot run the example much to see the errors being generated on my computer (and I do have a copy of Mathematica version 8, but again, since the run time is long I cannot run it to compare). The error messages that are being returned (which are in your saved notebook) suggest that NDSolve stopped being able to solve at values around 30 (in the first error message case). Hence the possible reason for the subsequent errors involving InterpolationFunciton being evaluated for values larger than that. If there is a pared down version of the notebook that runs quicker but which still exhibits the problems then I could do comparison runs on both versions of Mathematica.

One thing you might do is to work with options to NDSolve to see if explicitly choosing solving methods adjusts the behavior. But, again, having a more quickly running example to play with in the processing of debugging will help you considerably.

Perhaps someone here with greater insight into NDSolve intricacies can chime in...

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for your comments. Btw, that is the only version of notebook which I have. However, I will try to work with the options of NDSolve like your suggestion. Thanks!

Best Regards, Intan


The notifications "Continue with updated styling" etc,... have to do with which version of the Default.nb StyleSheet Mathematica 9+ uses when opening notebooks from version 8 and earlier. It does not have anything to do with general execution of code from earlier versions. So this is not the issue that you are encountering. The issue presumably has to do with the code itself. But one would need details on the code as well as what you mean by "can't run the script properly". The devil is in the details. Provide them and perhaps the denizens of this forum can ferret out the issue for you.

Memory might be an issue of course, given that your friend's code is taking so long to run. One can often rewrite code to keep track and report on memory usage using functions like MemoryInUse[], etc... And also presumably you can keep an eye on the Mathematica Kernel's memory usage through Windows tools (but I don't know which as I am a Mac user).

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Dear David,

Thanks a lot for your comments. Here is the script (Findfit.nb) as per attached including the required input data in the csv file. It looks like the error is started from the NDSolve command but I am not sure. I got many error messages while running the script. Thus, can you please suggest what possibly went wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards, Intan

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